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You might not expect a small city built on papermaking, ship building and oil to be an interesting travel destination, but Aberdeen seems to be the little town that could. A city of around 200,000, Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest and lies along the northwest coast of the island, shining a beacon of light out of what would otherwise be terribly rugged country.

In fact, Aberdeen is a delightful, undiscovered city, home to so many beautiful parks and gardens that it has won the Britain in Bloom competition ten times over and, thus, been nicknamed the “Flower of Scotland.” It has its own unique version of the often difficult-to-understand Scottish dialect, known as Doric, which is part and parcel of the distinctive Aberdeen identity.

Mixed in is the city’s strong industrial background, comprised mostly of the papermaking, fishing and ship building industries that propped the city up into the19th and early 20th centuries. Aberdeen’s coastal location made it a prime spot to open a seaport, which facilitated the ship building and fishing trades, historically. Once oil was discovered in the North Sea, that seaport proved to be quite valuable and made Aberdeen into an essential link for the oil industry into Britain and westward. Because the oil industry has so strongly influenced Aberdeen’s economy, much of the city’s modern identity is also contrived from it, and you’ll find the people here are an intriguing mix of oil workers, high rollers and average local folk that make for a truly interesting group to chat with on a night out in one of Aberdeen’s many pubs.

Despite its relatively small size, as an economically growing city, Aberdeen has all the trappings of any good British town, including plenty of good High Street-style shopping, pubs and nightclubs and a small stock of decent restaurants. Though certainly not rivaling London in its selection, Aberdeen’s charm lay in the fact that it is relatively undiscovered by travelers, which is what has allowed it to retain its local flavor.

Most Aberdeen travel itineraries include plenty of outdoor time taking in the gardens and parks for which the city is so famous. Other delights here include shopping and eating, and there is a small but distinct selection of museums that trace the local history and industry quite well. When planning Aberdeen travel, be sure to take into account the city’s north Scottish climate, which can be quite cold and dark during the winters.


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